eMACS - Enterprise Energy Management Suite

eMACS - Enterprise Energy Management Suite

Energy consumption is frequently the second largest operating cost for industries.

Energy Management Suite designed to Monitor, Analyse and Control energy system

We facilitate Remote Monitoring of energy system to Optimize the utilisation, Decrease downtime, Predict performance, and Reduce overall Cost


Studying the existing Site, Mapping requirements, Designing and implementing eMACS


Data Analytics, Predictive tools & Customized Alerts.

Control & Save

Take real-time informed decisions. Save resources and money.

Key Features of Mobile and Cloud eMACS Application

Key Features of Mobile and Cloud eMACS Application
  • Ubiquitous visibility of real-time data over, Mobile & Cloud based Applications.

  • Centralised Application to remotely monitor the sites distributed across geographies

  • Predictive tools and customised alerts for operators to schedule maintenance of connected system, by replacing the need for ongoing inspections

Energy Monitoring

Monitor all Energy Parameters with FlexiBEE - IoT Gateway

Load Shedding

Balance - Supply & Demand; Save Energy & Protect Equipment

Real & Reactive Power Management

Power Factor Management & Transmission Line Protection

Power Source Management

Track your Power Source; EB/ DG/ UPS/ Renewable Energy

Power Quality Management

Monitor & Control of Harmonics generated by essential Non- Linear Loads

Alerts & Events

Configure Alerts & Events for better Ops & Maintenance

How Energy Efficiency is achieved

Energy Audit

Audit by Certified Energy Auditor


Savings opportunity & Investment required


Implementation of Energy Management Suite

Mobile & Cloud app with integrated Business Analytics

Possible Savings

5 to 20%





We ensure that your data is protected at any cost. Our security measures are classified into three types: Hardware Encryption, Network Security & Secure Communication

Hardware Encryption

We have an inbuilt hardware based encryption engine in our IoT gateway, this would be our first level of security

Network Security

Our data centres are hosted in some of the most secure facilities. But still, there can be many points of entry or attack for malicious activity. Our innovative network architecture and advanced hardware technologies minimize server exposure to outside threats.

Secure Communication

All data transmission from IoT gateway to Cloud or vice versa are encrypted over SSL with 256 bit keys ensuring that customer data is secured.

Data Integration

In order to meet B2B demands, FlexiMC provides Import/ Export or API (REST/ JSON API) option to integrate with ERP and any other enterprise information resources, enabling data to flow through multiple applications.


Absence of quality tools for integrating data is a concern for most industries We address this issue with our expertise in integrating apps to interact over the Internet, irrespective of language of the application or operating system