TeMACS-Telecom Tower Monitoring System

A comprehensive Mobile and Cloud Solution built on new generation IoT gateway technology platform for Telecom Tower Operators to remotely monitor and manage operations across geographies.

Telecome Tower monitoring system
  • Key Elements

  • Energy Management System
  • HVAC Management
  • Surge Protection Device Monitoring
  • Security Management
  • DG Monitoring
  • Power Source Monitoring

  • Key Features

  • Reduced dispatching of field Engineers as a result of Remote Monitoring & Control Capabilities
  • Beacon light monitoring to Enhance the Visibility of cell tower for Aircrafts
  • Remote switching between generator, battery and EB
  • Enhanced reaction time, through real-time information dissemination on critical parameters of the site
  • Cost Saving by reduction of downtime
  • Monitor Device Status, Energy Generation and Consumption